On a day that started just like any other, you get a letter. It's from your old friend, a well-known explorer, whom you have not heard of for a long time! You open it excited and read it impatiently ...

"My dear friend! Forgive me that I have not given any sign yet but a year ago I have traced a lost treasure, the famous golden cross with emeralds called Tucker's Cross! As you know me, I've started looking for new clues and step by step I've got very close. If you feel ready, your journey begins where we have seen each other last time, in my research room. Just follow the clues I've left only for you to understand and you will find the path to follow me in the great adventure!"

You enter the study room of the great adventurer, eager to discover the hidden clues. You will have to bravely face the challenges, let yourself be carried into a mysterious world, decipher the secret messages that he has left to guide you in your adventure to the secret destination where you will meet him again!

Are you ready? Are you skilled enough to find out how to follow him?

Challenges will be all the way and only as a team you can overcome them in time, each contributing to the final success. Gather your friends, get ready for the journey and enter the adventure!

No. of persons: 1-6
70 minutes

Testimonials Mystery Rooms Escape

Raul C

It was hard to find an available spot to book this weekend. But it was all worth it! Let me know when you'll launch the Secret, to book in advance :)


Heist was my first online escape game experience and it was a very enjoyable one! The game is well thought and fun, the 360 tour and inventory are nice and useful addons


I've tested Heist virtual escape room game before it was open for public and I loved it, it was very entertaining! I didn't expect to very much like an onine game, as I've played a lot of escape games, but I must say the onlne escape game is nothing less, just different!


A pleasant and fun video live experience. As soon as the action began, we forgot that we were in front of a computer, it felt incredibly real!


These virtual games are something new in terms of entertainment. I love the concept if it is well implemented like here, I can see its potential develop for the future as it is fun and exciting. They are also appropriate for teambuilding!